Editorial, Photography, ECAL
Year: 2015; Media: Brochure A4. A visual essay on the absurdity of classes in swiss railways. Based on SBB corporate design, using the advertising statements. Top of the right page contains images from the 1st class, and bottom 2nd respectively.
Wajda V.1.00
Type, work in progress
Year: 2016;
I now believe in Signs
Poster A0; Year: 2015;
Neue Schrift
New lettering as a result of workshop with Radim Peško
Year: 2016
Excavate. Vom Herausgraben und Zusammentragen von Dingen
Book, Editorial, Print, Photography
Year: 2012; 18 x 25 cm, 175 pages. Excavate is a book project exploring the phenomena of collecting. Interviews with Günter Höhne (GDR design expert), Simon Menner (artist), Thomas Olbricht (art collector), Stephan Steigleder (vinyl collector), etc.
Book. Format: SRA3, spiral binding. Teachers: Marie Lusa, Bruno Ceschel
Year: 2015; A project about the food photography. The goal was to extract image fragments (at 4800dpi) from the food magazine (single source, MMM refers to it's logo) in a way that would emphasize the visual language of the food advertising.
AEM Ritm-Kaskad and Dices record sleeve
Print, Packaging, Editing
Year: 2015; Media: 7” record sleeves. Cover artwork is based on the pattern excersice from Arim Hoffmann's book "Graphic Design Manual"
AMS archive: 2009-14
Book, Editorial, Print
Year: 2015; Media: Book; Format: A5; Open binding, 96 pages. An analog archive of the AMS tumblr, containing all the guest mixes and the moodboard, seeking for childhood dreams, russian identity, nostalgia, and music-related imagery.
My contribution to 00:00 24:00 — MAAD × Studio Noi
Year: 2016
Ante Meridiem Story flyers and CD's
Year: 2011–2014; Various ephemera, connected to the Ante Meridiem Story platform.
Serafim, type design project at ECAL
Year: 2015
Teacher: Matthieu Cortat An interpretation of a parametric rounded sans-serif type used for the obscure exhibition catalogue "Naivität der Maschine" (1974). An ongoing project with cyrillic extention planned.
AEM Ritm-Kaskad and Dices video titles
Year: 2015;