Yevgeniy (Zhenya) Anfalov was born in Kiew, Ukraine. He moved in 2003 to Germany, where he studied Visual Communication at Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts and graduated in 2012. 

In 2015-17 he has been studying Art Direction in Master programm at ÉCAL, Lausanne with the major in type design, supervised by François Rappo and Kai Bernau. His graduation book project on history of electronic music "ROTARY. Geschichte des Studios für elektronische Musik WDR Köln 1951-81" has obtained an award of excellence. 

Since 2010 he is running his own design practice. Alongside with making identity systems, bespoke typefaces and online projects, Yevgeniy is working primarily in the field of editorial design. The variety span includes photobooks, newspapers, as well as readers, archive monographs and books on design history. Rooted in research and graphic design traditions, he approaches the work with the means of typography, photography, information design and custom content creation.


Yevgen Anfalov offers custom typeface services (based on ongoing projects or entirely tailor-made) and other related fields such as lettering, logo design and improvement of existing logotypes. For any questions, trial versions and pdf specimens please get in touch:


2015-2017: Master of Art Direction, ECAL, Lausanne, CH;
2008-2012: Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover, DE;


GGK '1958-70. The Bauhaus Business. Supervised by Roland Früh


2016: MALBA (Museum of Latin-American Arts), Buenos Aires, AG;
2014: Chal-Tec GmbH (external advisor and art director), Berlin, DE;
2014: CNVX (co-founder, creative director), Hannover, DE;
2010-2014: Hodus&Friends (freelance graphic designer, branding for real estate and construction), Moscow, RU;
2010: Internship at Studio Lambl/ Homburger (6 months internship), Berlin, DE


Arcademi, ItsNiceThat


BBU.Projekt (Hannover, DE);
Chal-Tec Gmbh (Berlin, DE);
Egonomics (Moscow, RU);
Floor5, Marek Polewski (Berlin, DE);
Hodus & Friends (Moscow, RU);
HISK, Jan en Randoald (Ghent, BE);
Kotä records (Moscow, RU);
MALBA, Gustavo Eandi (Buenos Aires, AR);
Monterra Construction (Moscow, RU);
Metra Group (Moscow, RU);
Rotation Streaming Service (Tel-Aviv, IL)


Jacopo Atzori, Johannes Bauer, Jasper Otto Eisenecker, Konstantin Medvedev, Sasha Kurmaz, Sasha Marshani


Yevgen Anfalov
Buchholzer Mühlenhof 2
30655 Hannover, Germany

+49 (0)1522 8087305
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